Mind The Gap - A StarFinder Chronicle

Episode 3 - Hot Water


Episode 3 12/192017

“If it’s your job to eat a frog, it’s best to do it first thing in the morning. And If it’s your job to eat two frogs, it’s best to eat the biggest one first.” – Mark Twain

Our hero’s worked together to slay the Frogdog queen and her attendant warriors. Showing compassion they left the clutch of Frogdog eggs alone. They rescued Prax and explored the rest of the hive.
Down a dead end corridor they discovered a hidden room, heavily warded which contained legible runes scribed on the wall. The runes reminded Yo and Kiara of Kasatha script, but in an unfamiliar dialect. There was a chest which contained treasures, along with two sealed scrolls which Yo took and suggested they turn over to the Starfinder society, as it appeared that this room may have escaped the Gap.
The room also contained several sarcophagi. Three were empty, but two contained desiccated Near-Kasatha corpses that looked as if they had died from radiation poisoning. The head sarcophogai held a jewel that when touched played a brief Holographic recording.
The party then used one of their magic legumes to grow a way out of the frogdog hive, and set out to recover the abandoned portable med lab.
They discovered the medlab had been hauled away by someone with tiny feet.
Following the tracks they came upon a nice clearing with a small cottage fashioned of old cargo containers. There they encountered Old Marg, a Damya Lashunta in her golden years being cared for by the Space Goblin the party encountered earlier.
After some discussion the party joins Marg for dinner and discovers that Bootleather, the goblin had taken their med lab to treat Margs long term radiation sickness.
After some negotiation the Party trades their medlab for the broken down starship Marg has parked nearby.
2x Sealed Scrolls
Small Pile of Gold
Ring of Resistance +1
Frogdog Queen Ooze Sack
Sketch of Near-Kasatha
XP Awards:
Frogdog Warrior x2 – 400
Frogdog Queen – 320
Dungeon XP- 400
Story XP- 400




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