Mind The Gap - A StarFinder Chronicle

Session 2: 12/12 - Instead Honey, Bees

“The beautiful laws of time and space, once dislocated by our inaptitude, are holes and dens. If the hive be disturbed by rash and stupid hands, instead of honey, it will yield us bees.” – Emmerson

“You stand on the edge of the hardscrabble heath, the afternoon sun casting a long shadow from behind the twisted dust brown mound of vegetation ahead. Not far ahead a lightly armored Vesk warrior is dragged bodily across the loose rocks and gauzy vegetation by three Zetan Frogdogs. It scrabbles for its sidearm and draws a shaky bead on one of the batrachial monsters. The slug thrower discharges with a loud report, striking one of the frogdogs in the head. As it dies it discharges a puff of sepia pheromones from its head glands. The scent of those pheromones drive the frogdogs in the vicinity wild. Their rubbery hide shifting from camouflaging earth tones to warning organ and vivid blue.
They fall upon the screaming Vesk.”

Crouched on the edge of the heather surrounding the heath feild Norn fired his laser at the group of Zetan Frogdogs hauling the Blue Dawn Vesk towards the Zetan Frogdog (Cr ½ creature, CR 2 encounter) Hive. The Frogdogs reacted aggressively and a fight ensued. The group fought a few frogdog workers as the other Frogdogs continued dragging the Blue Dawn Vesk towards the Hive entrance. The party slew all the Frogdogs outside except one. Out of the entrance of the hive came an enormous tounge that pulled the Blue Dawn Vesk into the gullet of a Frogdog Warrior (CR 3). Meanwhile, outside the last remaining Frogdog worker got a taste of Kiara as it engulfed her head and tried swallow her whole. Kiara sent a tersly worded “request” to the party Documentarian Llywen Drake, who until that point had been a passive observer. Drake, violating his impartial documentarian stance stabbed the frogdog and helped Kiara get it off her head. Working together the party was able to bring down the Frogdog Warrior and its three worker escorts (CR 4 encounter), but not before the Frogdog Warriors Battle Croak shook Norn to his core. Raka, the Yksoi technomancer barbequed several of the Frogdog workers with a surprise blast from his Fire Dragon Gland implant. Red was able to distract the Frogdog with a volley of fire after cleverly using his ComBot to piggyback him across the noxious pool of Frogdog Ooze. The Frogdog warrior was finally felled by an excellent shot to the eye by the Xenodruid Kiara. After the monster expired Yo, with assistance from Kiara carefully gutted the Frogdog spilling out the Blue Dawn Vesk. Norn interrogated the Blue Dawn Vesk with Honor while Yo, Kiara, Red, and Raka investigated the jagged hole in the back of the room. Discovering a scrap of the missing Pilots jacket Yo prepped a rope and descended into the chamber below. Kiara identified several useful parts of the frogdogs and harvested them with the rest of the party, along with some Frogdog ooze.
Down the hole Yo and the party discovered murals that had been warped by the Gap rendering them nonsensical. They also discovered a box with 3 magic Legumes. Exploring the passages they also discovered a strange living branch, and released an angry Space Goblin Pirate who fled and stole their rope.
Venturing further into the hive they located Prax (?) the Shireen Priest of Hylax and Copilot of the Dauntless. The Shireen was in a sticky situation having been dropped to the bottom of a 40 foot feeding chamber attached to the Royal Chamber of the Frogdog Queen.
We leave our adventures puzzling how to save Prax (?) with Norn having jumped down into the Lair, doshko ready, to battle the enormous Frogdog Matriarch.

Loot Rewards:
3 Magic Legumes (1 used)
1 Living Branch
3 Frogdog Hides
2 Frogdog Pheremone Glands
10 Frogdog Quills
1 Rusty Old Dagger (Excelent Quality)

Frogdog Workers (All)- 715
Frogdog Warrior – 200
Encounter Xp – 200
Story Xp – 300

Xp Bonus Awards:
Norn 30xp For Fear RP
Red 30xp for innovative Piggyback

Player Nods:
N / A

Session 1 - 11/30 (Adventure Log)
No Good Deed

The Players were shot out of space by a mysterious vessel, crash landing on the small, resource poor world of Zeta-5.
Quickly recovering from the crash they set about inventorying their remaining goods.
Red 13 downloaded nav data from the cockpit before it went dark and rejoined the party.
Yo and Norn set out into the surrounding woods to search for one of the Missing Shirreen crew.
While searching Yo recovered the unconcious body of one of the Shirreen and was carrying it back to the group when he was attacked by a Zetan Frogdog. A six legged beast with a sticky toungue and color changing skin.
With the assistance of Norn they slew the best (CR ½ ).
Kiara (Sp?), with the assistance of Raka and Red salvaged what they could and loaded it up on the miraculously undamaged ATV.
Yo and Norn returned with the Shireen, when several of the party noticed an incoming aircraft.
The group retreated into the woods where Kiara and Raka disguised the ATV.
The aircraft turned out to be a Vesk shuttle which landed to investigate the crash site.
The Vesk were attacked by the Frogdogs, with one of the Vesk soldiers being drug into the vegitation.
The other Vesk retreated to the shuttle and took off, spraying the brush with shots from the ships nose cannon before flying away.
Yo, watching from a nearby tree informed the party that one of the Vesk had a Blue Sun marking on their shoulder pad causing Norn to fly into a rage.
Norn threw down the already damaged mobile med lab he was carrying and charged into the woods to catch the Blue Dawn Vesk soldier before he was dragged back to the Frogdog hive.
The party pursued on foot.

Yo and Norn crouched in the bushes on the edge of a heath field surrounding a large dirt and vegetation structure; the Frogdog hive.

Xp Awards: (using pathfinder SRD, awards may change in the future ((not retroactively))

DM Award: Everyone gets a 15 Xp DM award for all the work they put into getting their characters ready and showing up to the first game.
These awards will stay small, and exist primarilly to call out players that do an exceptional job roleplaying, adding to the fun of the game, or coming up with a particularly creative solution during gameplay. They will be awarded rarely, and are not intended to upset the balance of player character progression.

Player Nod: In future games players may nominate other players for a Nod award of XP. The exact amount to be determined by the DM. No player can receive a nod award two games in a row. Nods should be given to someone who’s participation dramatically improved your play experience.

Session 1 - 11/30 (Intro)
No Good Deed

You find yourself aboard The StarFinder Expeditionary Vessel “Dauntless as it ” slides out of Driftspace, smooth as buttered bird down a grav chute. View screens around the vessel anounce your arrival at the planet designated “Pact Colony Zeta-5”.
Two Weeks ago a scrambled distress call was picked up by Absalom Station listening posts and passed along to the Starfinders. The Forum, never an organization to pass up an easy opportunity for good PR put together a relief mission.

Each of you have recently passed your Starfinder Society entrance exams and awarded the status of Provisional Field Agent under the supervision of Venture Capitan Fancisco De La Rosa, head of the Barsoom City Lodge on Akiton.
Each of you received a missive from De La Rosa on your com.

“Welcome to the Starfinder Society! I’m Franciso De La Rosa, and I’ll be your primary point of contact with the Starfinder Society for now.
The Society chooses only the best of the best to be our representatives out there, amongst the stars, and I know you’ll do us proud. Guidance, who you may remember as the AI based on the Amalgamated personalities of great Starfinders of the past, has recommended you for a special program.
Recruitment numbers have been down, and the Starfinders need to explore new avenues to raise public awareness of the necessary work we do for the Pact Worlds.
As such we want to give people a look into the daily life and adventures of new Starfinder recruits.
We will be including an embedded Documentarian on some of your missions. Don’t worry! We’ve selected a team for you that complements your skills and personality, and we have the greatest faith that you’ll make a harmonious and effective Venture Group.
As an added bonus, you’ll receive a stipend of $300 extra credits per mission that is aired on Pact Broadcasting Stations.
Now, for your first exciting adventure you will be shadowing a small team of seasoned StarFinders on a relief mission to an extrasolar Pact colony world.
You will report to the Dauntless in orbit in two days. Don’t worry you’ve already been booked for passage up the Barsoom Beanstalk.
Pack light! It’ll be a tight fit on the Dauntless.

Voyage Ho! Adventure Awaits!”


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