Mind The Gap

Pre game chatter - build up phase

Setting up port of call and ship design

Welcome, Crew!

Have a seat and start to throw your ideas around. Let's begin with the mess hall itself. What do we need here? Food storage is full and sufficient for three months of salvaging operations.

We have to start the build process.
Here are a few ideas:


My scenario idea is to use The Gap Cycle by Stephen Donaldson.

The players are misfits of the Sol system, acting as scrap pirates and scoundrels. Cyber crime and a fight for power at United Mining Companies Police (UMCP) are part of the scenario. The criminal elements of the game will drag the players deeper down the black hole of the human mind.

Pre game chatter - build up phase

So, we’ll be operating in the universe of Donaldson’s world with the United Mining Corporation being the lead star of the Sol System.
While UMC has competitors, none is as large an all encompassing as UMC and its police force.

Attempts to find planets to colonize in others systems are being made, but with time being a factor, and speed, attempts are sparse and rarely with a positive outcome.
To sign on to FTL, faster than light travel, is to sign a one way trip to the rest of your life.

Or simply a fast way to see your life flame flutter out.

It’s a gamble.

A gamble that will provide your family with a great future, without misery and poverty.

We will not be reenacting the events of The Gap trilogy. We just visit the setting.

We begin small, with the micro cosmos that is the ship of the player characters.

It’s up to you to design how the ship should be. What kind of quarters you need. What roles you need to have on board. Where your home base is located. What’s your current situation is like.

I’ll open up the mess room for discussion and game set up.

Only your imagination sets the barriers of your ship and the status it’s in.

A few pointers:

You do need a captain. Who is the leader?
Who do you work for? UMC or a free agent? (As in smuggler/pirate/thief.)

The currency in Mind The Gap is scrap metal from salvaged ships along with the cores from the drives. Also, mining resources are valuable if you can sell them.
Third, to explore the unknown can be valuable. Distress signals can be your ticket to the good life!

Alien life forms found in The Gap will be treated as a biotech species with a hive mind. This life form, The Amnion, will be living in hives and spread like mould. It’s alive and can take control over other living beings but not killing them. Just seizing their intelligence and harboring the mind of the host to the collective of the parts of the hive.
A telltale sign of an Anmion hive is the blue crystalline ‘mould’. For reference, see The Expanse, TV series on SyFy channel.

I’m tempted to use the Sol map from said TV series. What do you think about that?

To sum up. You need to pick a name and role at the ship as well as a location for said ship.
Also, your affiliation. UMC or illegal.

The most important thing is to collectively draw a floor plan of your ship. Give the ship a name and a purpose.
I hope that during this process, we’ll get to know the universe in which we will be playing grows forth.

Welcome to your future!

Pre game chatter - build up phase

The Sol System

Beside the celestial bodies, there are 171 moons orbiting the planets. Enough to explore for a lifetime. Add to that, 750 000 asteroids of 1000 meters in diameter, enough to hold valuable ore, for sure. The number of larger asteroids in the belt, larger than 100 kilometers in diameter, is 200. Those could hold entire stations for organizations or troublemakers.

If we’re not talking natural rocks, we could add man made structures, geostationary satellites could be placed at lagrange points in orbit around planets or planetoids.

Talking about minor planets of the Sol System, there are 723 367 minor planets, out of 20 346 have official names while 480 806 have an assigned planetary number.
This makes space feel quite large, even if we stay inside the small Sol system.

So, there’s no real need to extrapolate and try to reach for the starts, just yet.

Some of these asteroids are Ceres, Vesta and Eros.

Pre game chatter - build up phase

So, while we have an issue at hand to assign ranks of the UMCP and the Terran Naval Force, TNF, we do need to pick a home base for the crew.
The construction of the ship is handled in the game forum.

Where would you guys want the ship to dock at?

Pre game chatter - build up phase
Syrinx Syrinx

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